I grew up in a small community called Saugeen First Nation, Ontario, Canada.  Born 1979,  my life as an artist began in 1996. It was around then, in my teenage years that I discovered a whole new world. You see, growing up I knew nothing about my Ojibway traditions. Learning more inspired me to create, share what I have learned and pass it on through art.
    There was a point in my life that changed everything for me. I fasted  for four days and nights, up to this point in my work I used solid colors and basic painting techniques. The man who put me out on the fast came and sat with me during the third day of my fast and  says to me "do you see that tree over there? what color is that tree?" Well I thought about it and said green, with brown bark. He laughs and says"never mind.
     Look at this flower here and tell me what colors do you see? It was a trillium and I said there is  white and a bit of purple in it. "look closer" he says, "many people don't see whats really there, If you look closer you can see reds, blues, yellows, many colors.
    This is how you will paint later in life."  "This thou is only the first step" he told me. The next step I will have to fast again for six days and nights, then I will learn the meaning of each color on my paintings.
    One day I did a painting shortly after the fast and discovered a technique using a dusting cloth and towel. I am able to achieve many hues of color by using as little paint as possible.
    Some time after I ran into him again and I showed him my work. he just smiled at me and said " I told you so" I have yet to do my six day fast thou, one day soon I will. The way I see it, there's no rush. Things happen when they are meant to happen.